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Do You Suffer From Athlete's Foot?

Tea Tree Oil: The effective natural cure for athlete's foot

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is excellent when treating bacterial and fungal infections all over the body. It is very effective as an anti-fungal lotion for topical use for athlete's foot or nail infections if used regularly.

I myself have had athlete's foot on numerous occasions and in the past tried many of the commercial treatments that can be bought from chemists. With my last infection, about a year ago nothing would keep it at bay, so I tried Tea tree oil, literally within two days of applying, my athlete's foot had completely cleared with no reoccurrence.

Tea tree oil is also marketed as a cure-all and is used in many commercial preparations for acne, skin breakouts, cuts, wounds, dandruff, lice and scabies infections, bad breath, and oral thrush. Make it into a balm and use it for mild to moderate acne. It will help to reduces pulsates and inflammations without the drying and flaky effect caused by many over the counter preparations.

Tea tree oil is readily available as an essential oil in 15ml bottles.

For athlete’s foot or any of the above complaints: Add five to seven drops of tea tree oil to about 15ml (one tablespoon) of mixing oil and apply to infected area. Apply twice daily consecutively for several days.

Note: Do not use full strength tea tree oil on skin as it can cause contact dermatitis. Do not take tea tree oil internally and keep out of the reach of children.

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