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Maximol Solutions: Neways New Formula For Vegans, Vegetarians And Sensitive Stomachs
The latest update to the Maximol range. The Maximol vegan and vegetarian and the Maximol for sensitive stomachs are now a new single formula for Maximol Solutions. Great tasting, easy to take, and suitable for vegans, vegetarians and for those with a sensitive stomach.

As the world's leading trace-mineral formula, Maximol Solutions(R) supplements the diet with a nutrient-rich liquid formula fortified with Vitamin C - Vitamin B complex, amino acids, phytochemicals and Fructooligosaccharides. Featuring a unique blend of essential minerals with added organic fulvates that boost mineral absorption. Neways created Maximol in response to today's nutritionally questionable diet of processed, synthesized, convenience foods and the lack of minerals in our fresh vegetables. The alarming fact is that the average vegetable in today’s supermarket contains up to 76% less minerals than vegetables harvested 50 years ago. Our bodies cannot manufacture minerals; we can only acquire them through the food that we eat. Minerals are one of the essential keys to our health, a prolonged minerals deficiency is one of the main contributing factors to the many metabolic diseases that many are facing today. Maximol Solutions(R) nourishes and supports cellular health, helping people feel better and more energetic.

The New Neways Maximol Range

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