RRP: GBP£22.55 - Neways' Puri-Tea is a safe, natural and powerful way to promote healthy digestion. Puri-Tea contains a synergistic combination of herbs to gently assist the body's own mechanism with the removal of the sticky, gluey substance known as mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque may inhibit your body's own absorption of vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients from food and supplements and, with this removed, your body can then maximise nutritional intake. Complementary products are Feelin Good and Digestamin.

Key Benefits Of Puri Tea:

  • Neways' Cleansing Tea promotes intestinal tract cleansing.

The herbs in Neways' Cleansing Puri-Tea act synergistically to keep the digestive engine running smoothly. They support against mucoid plaque, promote intestinal and bowel cleansing and tone the digestive tract. Five of the ten herbs that make Neways' Cleansing Tea so effective are:

  • Senna (Cassia senna leaf). Beneficial for the entire intestinal tract, this herb is also especially beneficial for the colon and lower bowel. It enhances peristaltic movement--the muscular contractions of the intestines that propel matter through the digestive tract. "
  • Barberry (Berberis vulgaris bark). Regulatory in nature, this herb promotes healthy intestinal action, enhances the health of the stomach and bowels and helps the liver and spleen to function properly.
  • Raspberry (Ruhus idacus leaf). Effective in supporting digestive health, this herb soothes and tones the stomach and bowels.
  • Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum) root. Versatile in function, rhubarb soothes the stomach while supporting liver health. Rhubarb also promotes overall digestive function.

The Digestive Engine:

Food is the fuel that powers the body, and it is the digestive and intestinal systems that convert this fuel into energy. This energy drives all biological functions and sustains life itself. A healthy digestive system, then, is critical to the health of the entire body.

Neways' Cleansing Tea enhances digestive health by promoting the elimination of intestinal plaque. Intestinal, or mucoid, plaque can accumulate buildup on the walls of the colon and intestines during the digestive process. As moisture is extracted from consumed material, the digestive matter may become gluey, coating the walls and filling the pockets of the intestinal tract and colon, eventually transforming into mucoid plaque.

Over time and left unchecked, this plaque continues to aggregate on the walls of the digestive tract, becoming stagnant and hard so that it is no longer able to pass through the intestines. Layer upon layer of this rubbery substance begins to block the walls of the colon and small intestine, preventing the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs.

The average individual is carrying between 7 and 25 pounds of old, hardened waste within his digestive system. Worse still, this vile matter quickly begins to rot. This cesspool of decomposing material permits an unhealthy gastrointestinal environment to thrive within the human body. In short, mucoid plaque can hamper the performance of the body's energy-producing engine and lead to poor digestive and gastrointestinal health.

Neways' Cleansing Tea promotes the healthy elimination of mucoid plaque and waste. This, in turn, allows superior assimilation of important nutrients, enhancing the efficiency of the digestive engine. Neways' Cleansing Tea also promotes the health and longevity of many organs, systems, glands and processes related to the digestive system.

Puri Tea Ingredients:

Senna Pod, Senna Leaf, Frangula Bark, Barberry Bark, Chinese Rhubarb Root, Ginger Root, Chamomile Flower, Raspberry Leaf, Fennel Seed, Lemon Grass Herb, Peppermint Leaf, Orange Peel, Sweetener: Sucralose, Cayenne Fruit.

Size: 25 tea bags

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